Sunday, October 12, 2008

Essence – Journey to the trueself –coaching

Essence – Journey to the true self – Workshop

Most of the time we spend our life addicted to thoughts, principles, feelings causing tension and painful suffering. All this seems to possess us and we don't know how to disengage from the burden accumulated.

To come closer to our true self it takes a more deep insight. Here is where our journey starts. During the journey we get guided by our own "body wisdom" in order to experience every emotional issue which is not obvious to us and not part of our daytime consciousness.

We normally do not experience being an entity but have the feeling of being separated from our inner home of balance which eventually assumes the status of life.

We ongoingly create the pain in accordance to the functioning of our subconsciousness. Our inner wisdom leads us during the journey and reveals the experience of which we should get conscious. This is why these processes are very precise and safe.
The Essence journey shows us the keys to lead us into this space,
a silent space of freedom, forgiveness and love.In this process we can feel all painful issues and experiences and the truth of our pains can light up, causing anger and illness can be discovered. Anything painful can melt in the attitude of acceptance during the journey to the inner true self.

The journey does not end here thus we experience deeper insights:

True being – the power of our true self lights up and attains the consciousness of our inner wisdom. The connection to our true self creates a profound experience of our soul energy. In this true moment all pain and dramatic experience can heal. In this silent space true freedom and love is omnipresent.
The more we immerse into this silent space and feel the love of acceptance, the easier and more authentic our lives start to unfold and we achieve a strong attitude coping with everything that comes up in life and wants to challenge us.

Confining feelings can melt, indigence can subside, healing unfolds and we start living a life authentic to our true being.

The keys given within this workshop is especially a wonderful practice for fulfilling relationships.The workshop takes two days, like weekends from 10 am to 18 pm

My Profile: Barbara von Tobien, Personal & Business coach, health practitioner, teacher born in Germany, mother of two daughters, conducting seminars in relaxation and personality training over 20 years. Attended programs in communication & leadership for business, providing all kinds of coaching to achieve balance in life and workshops like stress management and communication training.

Business experience:
Since 2003 freelancer as personal coach for work-life-balance, providing application training, stress management, personality training, freelancer for sales and promotion at airports, Frankfurt and Copenhagen.
Joint venture coordinator for an American Investmentbank, Merill Lynch, Private Banking, Frankfurt
Private Equity, HG Capital, responsible for event and project management.

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